Molly:  Are we going to the birthday party today?

Me:  I am not sure.  Ruby doesn’t feel quite right.


Molly:  How about you stay here with Ruby, and Daddy will take me and Mack to the party!?!

Such a considerate sister.


Josh:  Ruby, there’s some snow falling outside.

Ruby: Really???!!!!  (she goes and looks, then comes back inside)

Ruby:  Molly, come and see the snow falling.

Molly runs outside, they both get in the car to take a ride….when Josh and I get in we hear crying from Ruby.

Ruby:  Mamaaaaa, Molly hit me!!!

Molly looks at us totally guilty, yet justified in her action.

Me:  Molly, did you just hit Ruby?  

Molly:  There isn’t  any snow falling!  She said it was snowing, but it isn’t.

Somehow she thought she was totally in the right for popping Ruby in the arm because she didn’t see snow.  It was sooo light and had even stopped by this point, but still!  Not a reason for physical abuse.  Good grief.


I took Ruby to the urgent care tonight.  She has double ear infections.  They gave her an antibiotic.  Sounds simple enough.  HOWEVER,  Ruby screamed and hollered and hollered and screamed, we got the medicine down her, then she proceeded to gag herself until she threw up.  Lovely.  Just lovely.

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