Handwriting & Hair-do’s


NOT happy about this hair style
NOT happy about this hair style

So Ruby has these ballerina pajamas that she loves and wants to wear every night.  The ballerina is wearing her hair in two bun-like thingys on the top of her head.  Last night, Ruby said she wanted to wear her hair like that, so I told her we would do it for her Timothy handwriting class.  She was so excited until she saw it in the mirror.  She did NOT like it at all.  I thought it was so adorable, so I bribed her with cinnamon rolls for breakfast if she would just leave her hair alone.  She agreed…but she still wasn’t planning to smile for the camera!


Ruby practicing her handwriting
Ruby practicing her handwriting

dsc_00071dsc_0021Molly likes to practice writing, too, so she asked me to “dot” all the cousin’s names.  She named them all and made sure I included everyone.  She was proud of herself and asked if she could get smiley faces like Ruby.  I said, “OFCOURSE, I will give you some smiley faces.”   She didn’t want my smiley faces though. She wanted to give herself the smiley faces.  If you look close you can see that she did all the ones in the blue color.  I only did the orange ones.  She got quite creative with them.  She is so sweet.  She fell asleep on the couch last night while we were watching HORTON HEARS A WHO.  I took her to bed, then when we went in to check on them, we found her asleep with her legs hanging off the bed.  How could she sleep that way?!







Above you see Mack when he is mad.  For some reason, he is upset at me.  He kept saying, “MAAA!” and then he would slap the air.  It makes me laugh.  The girls have out grown their little acts of frustration like this that they had at his age, and I am sure he will do the same.  Josh and I do make his stop and tell him to get under control….it still makes me laugh.

Having Mack, I imagine, is similar to having a small baby bear in the house.  He is so huggable and squeezable, and I am sure he tires of me kissing him all over or squeezing his legs or hugging him  so hard….I just cannot contain myself.  We love our little Mackie-Bear.   He has been sucking his thumb more and more (something Josh doesn’t approve of).  His thumb is actually raw from all the sucking.  And even as I am typing this, he is sitting in my lap, crawling all over me , making funny noises, then putting his thumb in his mouth and laying his head down on me.  Oh so sweet.

Off to do many loads of laundry, then take Ruby to handwriting class!  And we are very much gearing up for AMERICAN IDOL which starts tonight.

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  1. A comment about Molly’s legs. You know, Irvin has been known to complain about me sleeping with my legs sticking out from under the covers and off the bed. He says, if you believe it, that sometimes he couldn’t ever get around them to go to the bathroom. I love to find things about the girls that are like me (tee-hee-hee). You and Josh, however, probably inwardly groan. I hope I get to come to your house when I get over today’s chemo. I miss seeing y’all.

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