Just a little update

We had a great weekend.  We started it off with dinner at another couple’s house.  The Neal’s graciously opened their home to us and fed us some yummy food!  The kids really enjoyed themselves, too.  They always like playing with new toys. 

Saturday Josh and I took the kids to THE COFFEE PARK, where the kids played in a separate room while we talked about the Sunday School lesson and our house.  We drove by our house under construction and walked around inside looking at where lights will be.  

Today was a great day at church.  Josh taught a wonderful and complicated lesson on the rapture.  We also had a sweet time of prayer as a class.  There are so many needs in our class alone!  I am glad that the Lord isn’t overwhelmed with all of them.  We are trusting Him to provide jobs, touch people physically, restore marriages, and hold adoptions together.  Wow.  We had our friends Jenni and Jed over for lunch, then took a good nap, got up and went back to church!  All in all, a super day.

I wanted to tell some things about each kid just to keep myself up to date on how they are changing.


Ruby as "Bible Man"
Ruby as "Bible Man"

RUBY:  She is really growing up.  There are some wonderful things about that….she dresses herself, she puts her clothes in the hamper, she goes to the bathroom all by herself everytime and does the whole deal all alone, she helps clean up the playroom, we have great conversations, she brushes her teeth each day unprompted…what an independent little girl!  She starts handwriting class again this week.  We are also seeing that as she is growing up, she has become a “huffer and puffer” when she doesn’t get her way.  The sassyness is coming on strong, and we are working on ways to break that.  For the most part, though, she has a tender heart and will repent quite quickly.  In the picture she is wearing a friend’s Bible Man mask and cape and a dress up cheerleader’s outfit.  She loves, loves, loves dressing up.  Most days she is not in normal clothes, but opts for this red get-up or any other of the worn out fairy outfits.  And she is super excited about American Idol starting up this week.  I hope it is “clean”  enough for her to watch it.  She loves to see them perform.  We love our little Ruby-doo.  

dsc_0112MOLLY:  She is a funny little girl.  Every Sunday morning she asks, “Whose gonna be my teacher?”  She knows full well her teacher’s name.  She just likes to play this game.  She hardly ever stops talking here at the house or in the car, but around other people she is as quiet as a mouse.  They wonder if she ever talks, and I am just amazed at the question.  Josh says that if one was inclined to drink, she would drive you to it, undoubtedly.  We love her so much. She is very sweet to Ruby and Mack.  She is much quicker to share than the other two, by far.  She is still having trouble with #2 on the potty, so we are working on that….still.  She went tonight after a near knock down drag out, so we all went in to see “it” and celebrate with hugs and a piece of candy, of course.  Josh had been talking firmly with her about sitting on the potty and not getting up and calming down or else he would close the door.  Well, a little later Mack went in and started “talking” to Molly and pointing his finger at her.  It was very funny.  He even acted like he was going to close the door on her.  We are also working on her staying in her bed.  Both girls tend to get up at least once a night.  It is maddening.  I am SO over it.  I don’t go back to sleep easily, so it is frustrating when one little girl comes in at 2 and wakes me up, then another makes an appearance at 4, right when I am getting back to sleep.  When Josh steps in (he sleeps very deeply and soundly), they seem to respond better, but I feel bad waking him up to handle it because he has to go to work the next day…however, I think I am going to let him handle it from now on.  We have got to get it under control!

dsc_0007MACK:  This picture makes me laugh.  I can’t remember why he is crying, but it may be because his diaper is huge, and most likely uncomfortable.  He is FINALLY starting to say some things that we can all understand.  He is very good at “Where’s Daddy?”  and can point to body parts and name them…”chin, eye, nose”….he knows Ben’s name, an older friend who plays so well with Mack…”tractor, golf-cart and cracker” are all starting to become more clear…and there is more, but I won’t continue.  He is talking better, and I am glad for that.  He is starting to feed himself.  It is quite messy, but this is a big thing to accomplish.  He no longer sits in a high chair!  I was sad to see this phase end…partly because it means he is really not a baby anymore and partly because I could “lock” him in there for long periods of time in order to get things done around here.  He is a sweet, sweet baby.  We are so glad he is a part of our family.  I am already starting to think about a theme for his birthday party….2 years old!!!

These are great times at the Dorminy house.  We are looking forward to a busy, full, fun week!

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