A good dose of reality


Mack when he was a baby
Mack when he was a baby


Ok, so at times I wonder what it would be like to have another baby.  Mack is almost 2 years old, and we are well out of the ‘baby-baby’ phase (a time I seriously didn’t think would ever arrive).  Molly and I were looking at pictures on the computer from newborn times with Mack and even when she was one year old.  The fun memories, the sweet tiny clothes, and all the other wonderful things about having a baby in the house.  Now Josh and I have done what needs to be done to not have anymore kids, so let’s just put that out there right now.  I just sometimes wonder if we really, really made the right decision….WELL, let me just say that this morning I say WE DID.  I am sooooo sleepy and feel like I have been run over my a truck.  Ruby tee-tee’d in the bed, which is really rare for her.  I got up with her at 2:00am and cleaned her up and let her get in our bed (I hate messing up our only clean room in the house, the guest room), then Molly got up at 4:00am wanting to get in the bed with us.  Well, you feel kind of bad because they share a room and then Ruby is sleeping in your bed, so Molly would be sent back all alone to her room….so, she climbs in.  Josh and I are left to hold on for dear life to the edges of the bed.  In this time, I develop a horrible headache.  I am thinking, “If I could just go back to sleep it would go away.”  No sleep.  I finally got up at 5:30am and went to Molly’s bed.  UGH.  Have I mentioned she slobbers at night?  By now it had dried a bit, but it still was NOT comfortable.  So, I wake up today with a complete lack of wonder as to what it would be like to have another baby.  I would be tired.  I would be a bear.  It would not be pretty.  I love our family of 5!!!

RUBY-  Josh picked Ruby up from choir/cubbies last night and the teacher told him that Ruby is such a great singer and that she really puts forth a lot of effort.  So, Josh asked me to ask Ruby what her teacher said about her, and she said, “She said I am the best singer in the WORLD.”  WOW. Talk about confidence.

MOLLY- to pick up on the whole lack of sleep story, she gets up and looks around the house trying to find me, as she is coming back upstairs she sees me in the laundry room starting Ruby’s sheets.  Her first response isn’t “Where were you?”  or “I am so sorry I ruined your night of sleep, ”  but it was, “I’m hungry.  I want to eat right now.”  Really?  Really.

MACK- can’t think of a story on him right now, but HE IS STILL SLEEPING.  


Thanksgiving 07
Thanksgiving 07

7 thoughts on “A good dose of reality

  1. Thanks for sharing your stories…I always look forward to what’s new in the Dorminy household! It brings me laughs!

  2. I too look forward to your stories. It keeps me from feeling so far away. I love Ruby’s confidence and Molly’s sweet, sweet compassion and Mack’s over-the-top expressions. I could spend a part of everyday with them and never tire of their antics. I know you would love it if they could come spend a part of everyday with Gran and give you a break — even a little afternoon nap I’m sure would be just the ticket for a tired Mommy.

  3. Everytime I get that “baby itch” thought, it quickly passes with one of these types of days! The joys of motherhood are wonderful, but somehow you know when God has completed your family to the level you can handle and stay sane! Your children are all precious!!!

  4. I am about to cry looking at that picture of you and Mack! How does it go by soooo fast?

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