My children have been especially silly today.  I tried to get them to stop giggling at each other over every single thing by asking them what they were thankful for…Ruby said, “I am thankful for my clothes–even my panties.”  And both girls burst into laughter.  Mack joined in, though he had no idea what he was laughing at…actually, I think he thought they were laughing at him.  Anyway, that story reminded me of another inappropriate one that occurred the other day in the car.  

For the most part, I try to ignore the little ways they try to shock me with words like “toot” or “poopy” or “hiney.”  Well, on this particular day, I was tired of hearing it and so I turned off the radio and said in a most serious voice, “What is so funny about saying hiney?” Pause….silence from the back of the suburban….”Seriously, Ruby, Molly…tell me right now why it is so funny to say hiney.  Tell me, Ruby.  Tell me, Molly.  Tell me now!”  Silence from the back of the suburban, and then Molly shoots her eyes over to Ruby and says, “You tell her” as if there was a perfectly logical reason that she didn’t feel comfortable saying to me.  Ruby just shook her head no.  They never gave an answer.  I tried.

3 thoughts on “Hiney.

  1. I don’t know what it is, but my kids are just the same! I am amazed at how many names we have given our backsides and the humor each one inspires! The current term is bahookey(spelling? is it even a word?!?), but there is also buster, bum, booty, beeehind, bottom, and we can’t forget hiney! There is also a song which I can only share in person! Thanks for sharing your stories Kristy…they are so much fun. 🙂

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