We got back from Albany Saturday afternoon…we had a great time, and I plan to upload pictures and tell all about our visit when I have more time. Right now I just want to tell a quick story.
This morning was a little rough because we are all just a bit tired from traveling and stuff, but we got up early to go to church. Josh always gets up first on Sundays to spend time alone downstairs as he finishes preparing for Sunday School. We had a few minutes this morning before we had to leave, so Josh sat down in a chair and closed his eyes for a second (EXTREMELY RARE). Ruby walked over and said, “DADDY, you can’t go to sleep! You have to teach Sunday School.” It was so funny.

Josh actually tied it in beautifully in his Sunday School lesson. He shared how Ruby already is well aware of his role as a Sunday School teacher. As she grows up she will be even more aware of what that means…that her daddy is responsible for teaching the Word of God. It is so important that Josh live out The Word in our home, in private, where no one else sees but us. He is our leader. The kids are watching him, and they desperately need to see the Truth lived out by our actions and not just taught with our words. I feel confident that Josh will do just that, and I am so proud of him as my husband, our children’s daddy, as a Sunday School teacher, a son, a brother, a friend….He is a good man. I am glad he is getting a nap right now. He lives out The Word much better when he gets his Sunday afternoon nap! Ha.

I opted out of a nap today and got a Starbuck’s coffee instead, then went to Wal-Mart. I roamed, and I loved it. I got Molly a doll with a blowdryer and lots of hair thingys, a stroller and a medical kit. I got Mack a rug with a road on it so he can roll some trucks and cars on it. I also got a John Deere tin that will be great for holding all the cars and trucks. Ruby got a set of glamour dress-up clothes with a microphone and other accessories. She’ll love that. I was able to find a few stocking stuffers as well. I picked up some new ornaments, too! I cannot wait to get our tree…hopefully we can do that tomorrow evening. I LOVE THIS TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!

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