Would Mary have worn hot pink?

Well, today we painted a little manger scene–Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.  Ruby wanted to paint Mary, Molly said, “I want Joseph because I am Joseph”….whatever that means.  I didn’t quite trust Mack with a ceramic figurine, so I painted baby Jesus while he watched me.  The whole time he sat in his highchair sucking his thumb.  He did get into some painting fun and the paint mixed in with the snot running from his nose…lovely.  Ruby insisted that Mary be painted pink and black…it really didn’t seem right to me at all, but I let her go for it.  While I was watching Ruby and wishing she wouldn’t use pink and black on Mary, Molly was enjoying painting every bit of Joseph yellow.  I went back over his hair and beard with brown…I just couldn’t stop myself.  Here are some of the pictures:

The picture of the coffee is just a funny reminder to me that every time I went to this cup of peppermint coffee, it was cold.  Every time.  I did try to enjoy it, but it seemed impossible, and that is ok.  I had fun with the kids.  They even slept with me last night while Josh was gone.  Molly is the one who always gets out of her bed at least seven times an evening and shows up early to ask if she can sleep with me.  Well, I thought she would be ecstatic on sleeping in bed with me, but she was just mad because Ruby was in the middle.  I did NOT want Molly next to me because she cannot be still and she slobbers horribly.  That is why I put her on Josh’s side! HA!  Anyway, she got up this morning, walked around to my side and asked, in the same sweet voice I hear each morning, “Mama, can I sleep with you?”  I don’t know where she thought she was all night, but I scooted over and let her in right beside me…stinky slobber and all. 

This evening the kids were playing a little too rough on the furniture, so I politely and calmly asked them several times to play on this one certain piece of furniture…after much disobedience, I got a little loud and let them know that if they didn’t cool it and obey me, then I would take the stool away totally and they would have to sit down.  They looked at each other and started laughing…boy that ticks me off!!! These little people that I take care of each and every day and night are laughing AT ME.  Ruby looked at me and got serious and said, “We are just laughing at each other.”  Yeah, right.

I wish we encouraged the idea of Santa so that I could use it at times like this—“SANTA IS WATCHING YOU…YOU KNOW ABOUT HIS LIST, DON’T YOU?  BOYS AND GIRLS WHO LAUGH AT THEIR MAMA DON’T GET A BRAND NEW BIKE!!!!”  It would work so beautifully…..oh well.

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