Movie Date

Josh is going to see his mom and dad this evening, so he moved his date up a few hours with the girls.  They are going to see Madagascar II…hopefully it won’t matter that they have never seen the first one!  Anyway, Ruby was looking out the window and said, “Mom, it is a beautiful day for a movie.”  I thought that was funny.  Then, when I took a quick picture of her and Mack, she said, “How ’bout we say ‘pa-corn’ (popcorn) instead of cheese since we are going to a movie?”  Smart kid.

I started decorating for Christmas the other night.  I have been in the house a lot lately because it is just too cold to go to a park and it is too miserable to go in a store with three kids.  Home is where we stay 99% of the time.  For the most part, it makes my life easier, but then there is this point that comes…this I AM ABOUT TO GO SLAP STIR-CRAZY IF I HAVE TO STAY IN THIS HOUSE WITH THESE KIDS DOING THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER…….so back to the decorating.  Since I am here so much, I decided that I would go ahead and pull out Christmas decorations.  The red and green storage boxes are way up high in the garage, but I wanted to get them down NOW so I tried.  While I almost knocked our girls flat underneath the box as it fell from the top shelf, it all ended up just fine.  I decorated the stairs, the mantle with the stockings and garland, the kid’s Christmas tree, and I was so looking forward to putting up the tree….until Josh reminded me that we get a live tree!  OOPS!  We love doing that, so I don’t know why I forgot such a vital part of our Christmas traditions.  It probably has something to do with all these hours in this house with these three kids…you really do lose your capacity to think well.  Anyway, it is fun to have started the Christmas decorating….it will be even more fun when the tree is up!  The kids are enjoying their small tree in the playroom.  (But, then again, Molly was extremely excited when I told her we were getting decorations out of the garage…she yelled, “C’mon Ruby, let’s go decorate the garage for Christmas!!!!”  Thank goodness we don’t really have to do that!)

The girls and I made some Christmas ornaments this morning.  They have some from last year, too…Josh likes to keep them all on THEIR tree, seeing as they are a bit tacky.  But, of course, we do love them since our little angels made them.  🙂


Molly hanging some 'ormanents'
Molly hanging some

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  1. i love these stories! it really makes me feel a little closer to ya’ll and not so far away in augusta!! 🙂 josh is too funny….i can totally see him saying, “nice…let’s put that ornament on ya’lls tree.” haha! love that you are making ornaments each year at home! at what age did you start that?? i should do that for jud and kaybeth.

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