Sleepover Fun

We babysat and had a couple of girls spend the night over so that their folks could have an extended date.  After much fun, we put a movie on upstairs and let them watch it all together.  When I went back in the room, they were all asleep.  Alex, the oldest, moved to the guest bed, and I let Faith and Molly sleep together.  Molly ended up in our bed somehow and Ruby made several visits trying to get in….ANYWAY, the funny part is that early this morning when Ruby came in our room (I was already up), Molly rolled over and said, “Ruby, is the movie over?”  Cute.

In the car today Ruby asked if she could hear one of her favorite songs…”Fire in my phone!”  I laugh everytime she says that.  Kristy Walker has a CD and on the CD there is a song that says, “There’s a fire in my bones, I’m not afraid to go alone, You’re all I need…”  Fire in my bones, fire in my phone…what’s the difference?

And Molly’s favorite is “All I want for Christmas is my two White Teeth”….just glad that she does’t want gold teeth.  Ha!

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  1. All of my comment did not go through. I am glad Josh has you Debbie has Irvin, Jerry has Pep and Tony has Denise and I have Papa Mac. What would we all do without them.
    Love you all, GG

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