SUNDAY…Bible Stories, jokes and cheetos.

pic_crunchy2Today has been a great day.  The girls each woke up on their own, which is so much better than Josh singing them awake with “Good Morning to You, Good Morning to You, Good Morning Little Ruby….Good Morning to You.”  He usually hears, “Wake Molly up first!!!!”    Anyway, everyone went to their Sunday School Classes and had a Bible Story.  I picked up Mack today after church and walked up on him taking a play bus to his teacher because she was cleaning the room…what a good little helper!

On the ride home I asked Ruby what she learned about in class.  She thought and said, “Um, Abraham and Anna…”  She was quickly interrupted by Molly, “NOOO, it’s Abraham and SARAH.”  Ruby replied so sweetly, “Oh yeah, Abraham and Sarah.  I forgot that.”  Then she said, “Yeah, Abraham and Sarah were old. Sarah had gray hair. Did Abraham have gray hair? UM, Sarah didn’t have any babies.  And they traveled to a place they didn’t know where they were going.”  Molly said, “Yeah, Mom, they trabulled to a place they didn’t know.”  They told us a lot about what they learned.

Uncle Jason was here after we got home from church, and he ate chili and rice with us.  He was then bombarded with the kids.  They love it when he throws them around.  Well, today they started telling jokes while he recorded them on his blackberry.  These jokes are horrible….

Knock, Knock.  Who’s there?  Banana.  Banana Who?  Banana I’m gonna eat you.     SEE???

Ruby made this one up:  Knock, Knock.  Who’s there?  Pillow.  Pillow Who?  Pillow I’m gonna knock you in the head.  (She was referring to knocking Molly in the head.)

Last quick story:  After our Sunday afternoon naps, I got the girls a snack—a blueberry muffin and some cheetos—real healthy, right?  Well, they were excited about the cheetos and were giggling with joy for them while I was still looking in the fridge for something I wanted.  I pulled out a full-sized carrot.  Just then, Ruby turned around and when she saw it, she said, “Woooaaaaa.  That’s a really big cheet-o, Mom!!!!!”  It was hilarious, yet sort of sad.  Why didn’t my daughter know what carrot was?  We don’t eat THAT bad.

2 thoughts on “SUNDAY…Bible Stories, jokes and cheetos.

  1. Kristy,

    The blog is great! It becomes a little addictive because something will happen in your day to day life, and you will think to yourself, Oh I need to blog about that! I am also a little addicted to the blog world. I love looking at other people’s blogs even if I don’t know them. I have some really good ones that are just very light hearted, and really funny. Anyways welcome aboard, I know you will do better than me!


  2. Too funny! I love the carrot/cheeto story! That’s a keeper for sure…really enjoying the blog! It’s more entertaining than tv shows, movies, etc…

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