Beach and Awards

Moms don’t get Awards Day so I awarded myself a beach trip. With Ruby who needed an award for completing her first year of college so well! And Molly had an actual awards ceremony at school this morning. Here are the photos—-maybe more words can accompany these memories when this crazy May settles down some. I definitely have words in my heart for all of it.

Ruby and I enjoyed our time away. I love the sun and the beach is just gorgeous and peaceful. I started the morning alone with coffee and my Bible. I went on a long Beach walk every morning and missed Josh on those but spent so much time in prayer. Just talking to the Lord and listening to His voice. I was reminded how He works wonders in people’s lives. Wonders—things that make you wonder how in the world something happened—only God is the answer. So while I wish I didn’t have so much on my mind and feel the need to get home to my to do list, I still enjoyed a break from the regular routine of life.

And I made it home early to see Molly receive the Ignite Band Award, the Christian Leadership award and to be recognized for art, leadership and Christian service. Proud Mom and Dad.

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