Ruby’s High school Graduation

This morning I took my coffee to the back patio to sit in the morning sun and do at least a few minutes of reflection on Ruby’s graduation before the others woke up or came to the house from their hotels. Josh joined me and solemnly said, “So far, nothing has made me feel as old as having a child graduate high school.”

I could have bawled my eyes out if we were alone, but I just didn’t really have the time for that…not yet anyway. But what he said is true. Time is a strange thing. I’m not one for cliches and dwelling on things we cannot change—like how many hours in a day there are. But the saying is true that the days are long but the years are short.

My consolation is that I was there for the vast majority of the 24 hours that made up the very long days of Ruby’s 18 years. And I am now here to be able to say that those same 18 years have flown by.

And I keep showing up to do all the mom things that seem (sometimes painfully) unacknowledged. I am (sometimes painfully) aware that so much is changing so very quickly and there’s not a darn thing I can do about it. I am (sometimes painfully) aware that I am by myself a lot these days. I help, assist, plan, dole out money and turn around (sometimes painfully) to an empty house. It’s a good thing Josh and I still love and like each other very much!

But before I get too emotional about all the changes in our home, I should say clearly that we are so proud of Ruby! She graduated! From a sweet little kindergarten graduate to a full grown high school graduate, she has been a joy to parent. I love how God made her and can see so much of both of her grandmothers in her. Confident, clear, well-spoken, a leader, bold, witty, loyal, head strong, smart and beautiful!

Super grateful for these two making the trip to be here with us! Sisters are a gift. I love them so much!
Cousins and PawPaws!

So there’s no more days left in “Ruby’s Graduation Countdown.” This chapter has officially closed. And a new chapter begins!

And Josh and I will continue to cheer her on and support her and pray for her every step of the way! We are so proud of you, Ruby Elizabeth!

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