Mother’s Day 2022

Raising Ruby, Molly, and Mack has truly been a great joy. We have had the privilege of spending lots of time together. Lots and lots of time. Inevitably, choosing to spend my time with them means I did not spend time on other things. Some say you can have it all, but I haven’t found that to be the case.

We enjoyed many days at home in pajamas during those early days of newborns and toddlerhood. Then, there were ten years of home schooling. So many lessons and field trips and books and play time and meals.

For sure, motherhood around here hasn’t been glamorous or polished. We just had lots of regular old days. And I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world. A quick glance through old photos floods my mind with memories.

Ruby working diligently on her Kindergarten work…

While Molly and Mack were playing in their pajamas.

And this sweet memory of reading books in the yard together.

But lest you think these are super sweet, there’s also this one:

Which reminds me of the time Mack came out of the bathroom with his head all wet and said he had flushed his head in the toilet.

And this photo reminds me of the time we took the girls to see the musical, Little House on the Prairie. Molly was so upset afterwards. She thought she would get to meet Laura from Little House. When she realized she wouldn’t get to meet her, she cried and cried with her bonnet on her sweet little head.

Above we have Ruby doing what she loves to do—annoy Mack! She looks quite proud of herself.

I remember this photo with Mack like yesterday. He loved taking the picture and then looking at himself. We just sat on that swing for quite a while snapping photos. What a cute little face he has!

And baby Mack was getting so big at this point—but not too big to nap on my lap.

Here’s sweet Molly. She has always liked baking and helping in the kitchen. Look at her proud smiling face!!!

And she has always worn whatever clothes she wanted! Even in the kitchen. 😊

We used to go to a waking trail regularly. We loved being outside and it was always great to wear the kids out!

This was one of the most fun family trips we ever had. Camping—of all things!

I did my best to pass on my love for puzzles! (And I have very few pictures of Ruby she would allow me to post because Ruby spent most of her younger days half dressed!)

Snow day in Georgia with nothing much to do but eat pancakes and ride four wheelers with the neighbor.

One day I may post about this pillow Molly is holding. The child would still be using it if I hadn’t intervened. The intervention was quite the process.

Motherhood has been a sanctifying tool. I have learned so much about myself, about God, about how to give of yourself when you don’t have anything else to give. I’ve learned about how to love and serve, how to ask for forgiveness and show grace. I’ve learned how to cook chicken many different ways. And I’m painfully aware that even though I always thought I’d be an amazing mom to teenagers—this season has been the most challenging by far. But here we are—still loving and growing and maturing and supporting each other. These three kids are loved by me. I love how God made them, and I am grateful He entrusted them to me to be their mama. I know all the time invested and sacrifices made are not in vain.