Wednesday of vacay

Another gorgeous day in south Florida! The adventurous ones (Josh, Mack and Molly) started their morning parasailing. I watched safely from the patio.

Most of us stayed on the beach for most of the day.

We went to dinner and then played mini golf. Josh won but I came in a close second!! And Ruby and Josh got holes in one!

We were all dripping in sweat, so we went to Pelicans again for sno cones. No photos of that—I was focused on the air conditioner blowing directly on me. AND we realized Josh lost his phone. We located it at mini golf but the extra time it took to get the phone didn’t allow for us to make it back to the beach for the sunset. Josh tried to get us there but traffic was thick. He was sweet to try. The sky was still absolutely gorgeous. And I wonder every night why I don’t live some where with open skies that display sunsets like this on the regular.

Sure do love this man. He works hard and gives generously to us. I’ve prayed before this week that he would be mentally, physically and spiritually renewed during our time away.

Now off to bed for some of that physical renewal!

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