Vacation: Tuesday

Tuesday was another beautiful day on the beach and it ended with beautiful time with family. Josh’s cousin, Grace, and her family—Pete, Taylor, Blake, Riley, and Hayden—live about 20 minutes from our resort. The food they spread before us was delicious. Grouper with mango salsa, shrimp, rice and beans, salad, potatoes, chips and fresh guacamole, and more. Their kids were absolutely delightful and so very funny!! Such a treat to have spent time with them. Pete even took us adults on a quick golf cart ride to see the sunset. There was a whole street of houses situated such as to see the most gorgeous sunsets night after night and I seriously doubt why I didn’t make it my life’s goal to live on that street. It sounds dramatic, but I’m about as serious as I can be.

So fun seeing Josh with his cousin. The cousin relationship is a special one! I wish my kids were growing up closer in proximity to their cousins, but it’s still a sweet relationship across the miles.
I mean, can you imagine LIVING with this view on the daily? I’m just amazed. Gorgeous.

So as the sun set on another amazing day here, I can’t help but be so grateful for this summer trip full of family and fun! So thankful!

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