Baseball Banquet

The baseball season is coming to a close, and we are so thankful they got to play all of their games.

This is Mack’s first real season of playing. He loves being with the guys and hanging out with them. And even though I get nervous for all the players every game, I’ve enjoyed watching Mack play.

At the banquet this evening, Mack received the Most Improved Player. I was so proud of him and so grateful for the opportunity he had to play and try hard to get better.

They had a cute little “signing ceremony” for the 8th graders; the Varsity coach wants the program to improve and wants their young players to stay! so it was his idea to hold this ceremony and encourage the guys to stay at Carmel and play at Carmel.

And then the younger boys on the middle school team gave a signed team photo to each of the 8th graders. It was so sweet.

The boys also did a service project together this morning and worked so hard!

So over all, this has been a fun time for Mack. He has been very challenged and overcome some fears and frustrations and made great friends along the way. I’m proud of him!

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  1. It sounds like he had a wonderful season. I’m so happy for him. Doug’s son is really into baseball and will be in the 8th grade in the fall. I really enjoy watching him play. I love you and your sweet family.

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