First stop, TENNESSEE

The Lord has graciously blessed us with long time friends, The Koesters. Ruby and Katherine were in nursery together from their very first months of life! As two year olds, they shared the bond of being the baldest two year olds in the group. Maybe that’s why they stuck together. Mary and I met some time during their toddler years and were fast friends. She is the most hospitable, generous, kind and thoughtful person you could encounter. I absolutely love this whole family. Her son, Ben, is graduating from UT this May and getting married in May as well! He and his fiancé, Bailee, are moving to North Carolina, so we have even more reasons to see each other. What a huge blessing.

They fed us, gave the kids UT apparel and then took them on a tour of the campus!

Ruby didn’t put her UT apparel on🤷🏼‍♀️🙃

Ruby spent the night with Katherine while we headed to the hotel for a great night’s sleep. We woke up the next day and made a stop at Waffle House, which happened to be Olivia’s first time eating there! Love introducing people to some of our favorites.

Now, off to Kentucky!

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