Go to school or stay home?

Three and a half weeks until school starts. This mama and her kids are all anxiously awaiting that day and praying every day that nothing changes the minds of those in charge of our school’s decision.

Remember, too, that this mama and her kids homeschooled for many years before this past school year. I have blogs and blogs of school stories and photos over the years. I love that we have those memories and all of that time together. I truly think that home schooling during that season was exactly what we were supposed to do. No regrets. God’s hand guided us and orchestrated details I didn’t have the sense to think of. I am grateful!

I also believe that the kids going to school this past year was exactly what they were supposed to do. (Though I have cursed Covid-19 for ruining the last few months of school, I actually do trust God with the whole situation.) It was good for them in this season to be around other kids and have other teachers. They were ready, and I was ready to share them with others. God’s hand guided us and orchestrated details I didn’t have the sense to think of. I am grateful!

So with the perspective I have on schooling kids (did you know I also taught public middle school one year and substitute taught before kids?), I find it so interesting all of the conversations I am hearing and reading about around the topic of school decision. 

It reminds me of the poem “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” There is so much truth there! Remember being told to draw an imaginary circle around yourself and take care of who is in the circle, and in doing so, your life will be so much more simple and drama-free? Yeah, that lesson needs to be dusted off these days.

For YEARS I had to deal with people asking random questions after hearing that we home school—-“What about socialization?” (this person must assume I lock them in a room after giving them workbooks and only let them out to eat on occassion) or “Do you plan to home school through highschool??” (this person assumes I have a magic eight ball that allows me to see far into the future and know every detail of my life) “How do they make friends?” (this person assumes I have no life outside of my four walls)……and on and on we could go. 

NOW, people ask me if I am worried about sending them back to school to be around other kids? And I just have to shake my head. Good grief! You people cannot have it both ways. So I was ruining my kids when I kept them home but now I am ruining them for sending them?? Do tell me more about what you think I should do.

Before I get more hot and bothered about the topic, let me truly use this time to tell each person who might be reading this:  YOU WERE GIVEN YOUR KIDS BY GOD. YOU CAN MAKE DECISIONS FOR YOUR KIDS AS FAR AS HOW THEY ARE EDUCATED. You do not owe other people answers or explanations. You can change your mind about how your kids go to school or where they go to school. Pray about the decision. God’s hand will guide you and orchestrate details you don’t have the sense to think of, and you will be grateful! 

Draw your circle and do your thing. I believe in you.

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