Josh and I will be married 20 years in January 2021; since the kids were all three going to be away from home this past week, we decided to plan a getaway for us. We planned this well before Covid-19. We almost decided not to go. What a bad decision that would have been! It was our best vacation yet!!

Being married 20 years is a big deal and deserves full celebration, which I will likely write about in January when the actual anniversary date arrives. This time away was particularly needed because —have you ever had three teenagers? I mean, if you have and you survived, send me all the advice, ok?? We deserved this vacation, not necessarily as much for being married 20 years as for daily facing life with three teenagers. During a global pandemic with “safer at home” orders for many, many weeks. Dear Lord, help me.

Don’t misunderstand. I love my kids. I love how God made them and their fun, quirky, strong personalities. I love to watch them use their gifts and talents. I enjoy hearing their perspective. I love my three kids.

And I love time alone with Josh. Neither of us realized how much we needed this time until we were actually away, alone, just being together.

We got settled in and found our way to the pool. There were kids laughing and playing on a float and then they were arguing and slapping and calling for their mama…and then we overheard someone say something about an adult pool. And without being too obvious, we packed our stuff and walked around to the adult pool…all the while hoping it wasn’t topless women, but weighing the scales of what we’d put up with on our vacation—topless sunbathing or obnoxious kids. 🤣🤣🤣I kid. I kid.

I woke up every morning around 6am so I could sip coffee and watch the sun rise. And I don’t mean that I just watched the sky change pretty colors. I actually saw the big, round orange sun pop up every morning and make its was up, up, up into the sky. It was gloriously beautiful.

THIS👆🏻is what I credit our marriage to—Thank you, Jesus!!!!

And another full day of sun and relaxation.

No one else on planet earth I’d want to be on this journey with. He is my favorite, forever and always.

3 thoughts on “Paradise

  1. Stunning pics! So happy that you got to experience such a beautiful time together! Thanks for sharing your memories 🙂

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