where is “normal”?

What I wouldn’t give for a normal day. For a day of waking up early, getting everyone off to school, working out, grocery shopping or Bible Study group, washing clothes, dinner prep, picking kids up, fussing at them to get their homework done and then going to bed to do it all over again. Just a normal day. I miss it so bad.

This year has been so disappointing and full of upsets. Not to mention we are doing remodeling and crawl space work and having to get a new AC unit installed upstairs. We have challenges in other areas of life that I won’t mention here. And then there are racial tensions such as I have never experienced in my 43 years of life. And while I acknowledge there are so many issues that need addressing around all of it, I don’t feel safe sharing thoughts or opinions on the world wide web…have you read some of the comments out there and the ‘out for blood’ actions and words that are spewed?? It’s not a fun place, this internet. I am amazed at how many people have the issues solved and are ready to tell me what I need to be doing about it.

So, I post here to just say that I miss my normal days. I miss mask-less days. I miss hugs and smiles and eye contact. I miss moving around and going places with ease. I miss the kids at school and all that it entails. I miss my normal. Not sure it will come back, so I just wanted to say I miss it.IMG_1785

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