Molly: Hannah music video

I talked with a friend this afternoon that had seen Molly’s Hannah song video and wanted to ask me about it. It reminded me that I hadn’t posted the video here on the blog, and I wanted to be sure to document it! I was so proud of Molly. She wrote the lyrics. She wrote the music. She played the piano, the guitar, and the cajon. And then she sang each part! Super proud of her effort and creativity. She turned it in for her Old Testament Class at school😊

3 thoughts on “Molly: Hannah music video

  1. That was wonderful! Molly is so talented! As I listened, my thoughts went straight to Debbie, knowing how proud she would be to hear those words sung by her Molly. Thank you for sharing. (I’m all teary eyed right now – in a good way, of course!)

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