Sweet Sixteen for Sweet Ruby

I suppose most parents are surprised when these monumental birthdays sneak up on us. How can it be that my first baby is 16 years old? How is it that I can look at her and clearly see her swaddled in a baby blanket or standing in her crib or walking to me at only 10 months old in her white onsie? I can see her in dress up clothes that she wore daily. I remember her marching up to me after watching Charlie Brown Christmas and telling me that she believes in Santa Claus even if I told her he wasn’t exactly real. I can see her in a stubborn stand off with Josh over a piece of corn she was being encouraged to try. I can see her reading books at all times of day when she was about 8 years old—even while we walked through the grocery store. I can see her walking into her first youth bible study when she was about 11 years old. I remember how she told us we could move to Charlotte, but she wasn’t going anywhere. I have watched her grow into a lovely young lady right before my eyes, and yet, thinking of her as a 16 year old is kind of weird.

I love Ruby’s loyalty to people. I love her sensitive heart. I see her stubbornness as an asset and can’t wait to see how God leads her in the years to come.

Molly, in true Molly-style, planned a surprise for Ruby at the last minute. Things are still a bit strange as we are all slowly and cautiously coming out of stay at home orders because of Covid 19, so we were honestly unsure of how to best celebrate this milestone birthday. Ruby still has quite a few hours of driving to get under her belt, so we weren’t ready to unveil a car. Throwing a big party with friends wasn’t exactly going to be approved these days either. So I let Molly handle inviting Ruby’s friends and it was a total success.

We took Rolo on a walk to waste some time til 7:00 when the friends would arrive. Ruby wasn’t so happy about a walk on her birthday in the humid May evening. But she complied.

What a sweet group of girls! What a sweet sister Molly is! She was so thoughtful and fun throughout the whole planning and the surprise itself. Ruby felt greatly loved! What a gift.

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