Pumpkin Patch.

Oh yes I did. I asked Josh to take us to a Pumpkin Patch. I know my kids are way past the age for posing with pumpkins. And I know it was 93 degrees today–hardly pumpkin pickin’ temperature. But I wanted to go! So with grumbling kiddos and sweat rolling down my back, we trekked through the dusty paths and past all the toddlers posing with pumpkins and playing games while they waited their turn for the hayride. We got the kids a slushee, picked out our pumpkins, took a few photos and made our way back to the car. Josh must have been feeling extra giving towards me today because he also stopped in Pikes Nursery to buy a couple of mums (that might last a week in this heat!) for our front porch. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, he braved Hobby Lobby with me on a Saturday so I could put together some flowers in vases for our mantle. Mack started a little bit of grumbling when we got home and he was in charge of disposing of the old flowers on the front porch. I told him to hush and informed him he was filling my love tank on this sweet (or was it sweaty?) September afternoon. He zipped his lips and kept doing his job. Ruby was feeling horrible, so she came home and went to bed immediately. Molly helped unload our baby pumpkins for the table and then cleaned her room amazingly. Josh finally cleaned up his office from all manner of hunting supplies that have been strewn here, to and yonder in the leading up to and completion of a hunt; it was time to get that little office back in order. Mack watched football. And I got to work on the flowers and pumpkins and cleaning the kitchen. Overall, a great Saturday. The pace of the weekdays make Saturdays that much more precious. I am grateful for the time we got to spend together. My love tank is full, indeed!




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