It is easy to get overwhelmed these days. Overwhelmed with each kids’ needs. Their school work. Their grades.  {Remember, this is our first year of traditional school…the adjustment period is for real.} Their social calendar. Their extra curricular activities. Not to mention their personal spiritual growth. Are they reading their Bibles? Praying? Are we doing enough as a family to encourage spiritual growth? 

Overwhelmed with Josh’s schedule. When can he step in and help around here? When can we go on a real date and just talk? Is he gonna have a heart attack with all that he has on his plate? {dramatic much??!!}

Overwhelmed with my to-do list. I won’t bore you with all the mundane things that have to be done. You know.

Overwhelmed with my emotions as I am still processing grief in a million ways. It’s messy, not orderly or predictable. 

The definition of OVERWHELM is “bury or drown beneath a huge mass; defeat completely; give too much of a thing (to someone); inundate; have a strong emotional effect on; be too strong for; overpower.” 

I looked at that definition and prayed. I asked God to help me quit saying over and over “I am so overwhelmed” and start praying, “Lord, overwhelm me with Your presence. Overwhelm me with Your love. Drown me in your lovingkindness. Defeat my flesh and sin nature completely with Your presence. Have a strong emotional effect on me, Lord Jesus. Overpower all that comes against me. Overwhelm me with You.”

Maybe you are overwhelmed today. Take a deep breath and turn being overwhelmed into a good thing. A God thing.

This song has helped me, too….Run to The Father….take a listen!