Week with Mack

I just emptied out two cups full of nasty sunflower seeds that had been sitting on the counter for three days. I cleaned them out, but I am pretty sure that was my last time. That is gross, and I am totally in the right to expect that the boys who spit them out into the cup should be the ones to clean the cup. I do a lot for the boys in my life, but that is not gonna be one of them.

I did it because, well, Mack has hung out with me all week and it hasn’t all been fun. Molly and Ruby went to Church Beach Camp this week.

I am sure I will get more photos upon their arrival back home, but for now this is all I have gotten.

But Mack and I have had a great week. Rolo has slept with him each night, except for that one night she snuck out and came into our bed. I let her stay, but it was the worst night’s sleep! Like a toddler in the bed. No thank you!!! Molly needs to hurry home because Rolo is missing her big time.

Monday we met friends for bowling and lunch. Tuesday it rained so we stayed home except for lunch and dry cleaners. Wednesday we went school shopping at the mall and WalMart. We went to a smoothie place also. He did pretty well until I asked him to try something on…you would have thought I had asked him to sew his own pants from scratch. Seriously. Just put the pants on and let me see them. We also ended up at the batting cage that evening, which was a ton of fun for Mack. We ate at Shane’s Rib Shack. Thursday we went to see a movie, and he got a haircut. We threw the baseball while we waited for Josh to come home. We ate at home, and then we went to Jeni’s Ice Cream. Today has been low-key. Chickfila lunch and Publix shopping with laundry on the agenda this afternoon.  Being an only child has its perks, but we are all ready for the girls to be home. Mack needs more people to talk to than just me. And Rolo needs more people to feed her and pet her and walk her than just me!

Mack is such a funny kid. I love hanging out with him. He loves talking and telling stories and finding silly things on youtube for me to watch. He says the girls owe him big time for how he picked up their slack in the chore area this week. And you learn some things about your kid when they have your undivided attention. Like today at Publix he was able to let me know that he likes Tide Pods and wishes I would stick to buying them because “the other stuff is too much work and doesn’t come with specific enough directions and plus my hands get messy. With tide pods I just throw a couple in and I am done.” Well, Ok then. I will take your thoughts into consideration on future grocery runs.

Thanks for hanging out with me this week, Mack. I am grateful for any time I can get with you.

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