Family Vacation 2019

The kids wanted to go back to DollyWood this summer, so we did! But first we stopped to see our sweet friends, the Koesters.

We stayed at Dream More Resort and enjoyed the pool time.


Mack and Molly in a hair towel wrap.  Hilarious.

Josh took the kids racing go-carts. It was hilarious. Mack was so happy and excited and then so mad and frustrated when Molly spun him out in a turn. Then, he was in front of two goober teenage boys that wanted around him so bad. Mack held his own and didn’t let them pass. I videoed and laughed the whole time. Ruby tootled along behind everyone enjoying her ride. These people like adventure. I like to video and take photos of them adventuring.

It was a great few days away as a family. I am so glad we were able to go and enjoy a break from the regular routine. These people are my favorite, and I love them.