Josh may decide to hide all hammers and nails next time he leaves town. I have this thing with hanging stuff on the walls. Maybe because when I was growing up my family didn’t hang pictures…or curtains…or much of anything that made moving more difficult. With my dad being a builder/contractor we would sometimes move into houses that he had built that hadn’t sold. But if anyone decided they wanted to take over that payment every month, we would move and gladly let them have it. Bare walls and all.

Well, one of the first things I ever do when we move is start hanging stuff. Making marks on the walls. And I don’t ever really stop. If there’s a bare wall, I can usually figure out what to hang on the wall. To me, it symbolizes HOME.

So as I was cleaning out school room stuff and wondering what to do with the kids’ art work, I decided the stairway wall had been bare too long. Enter hammer and nails. And a non-perfectionist that isn’t afraid of a gallery wall.


Precious drawings and paintings. And a couple of excerpts from a couple of the kids’ favorite books. And a little saying my mom said to me and I said to our kids many, many a night.



A little more bare wall remains up the stairwell for any more precious items or photos I want to frame and hang! I will save them for the next time Josh goes out of town. He usually likes the finished product, but can’t quite handle my less-than-precise way of working.


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