Swipe Right–thoughts and take-aways


I enjoyed reading Swipe Right  by Levi Lusko, though I thought I was buying his newest book, I Declare War. I guess I will just have to buy that one next. We had been watching his sermon series, “You in Five Years,” and I wanted to read one of his books. This one includes humorous stories, sobering stories and draws straight lines from God’s Word to daily living. He is an honest writer. I appreciate that. No fluff. Just straight-forward talk with real-life illustrations. Here are a few thoughts and take-aways:

Reminder to trust God’s Word over feelings every time: Trust your instrument. Don’t rely on feelings. “Just as a pilot needs instruments he can trust, you need objective indicators for your soul. Your feelings aren’t irrelevant; they just can’t rule your life. Monitor them, but don’t trust them. Rather, run them through an objective filter, so that even when you feel like doing wrong, you can spot the danger and choose to avoid it.” (page 47, Chapter 4)

Reminder to persevere and be hopeful that God is at work: Samson’s hair grew back!! Lusko provides encouragement for those who feel defeated by their sin. He also reminds us to be patient and to never give up. He tells about a tree being ripped out of their front yard and leaving a bare spot on their lawn. He decided to let his kids put down the soil and seeds and to water them. One of the daughters was so disappointed when the growth wasn’t seen immediately. He could see himself in her reaction. “We give twenty years to the devil and two weeks to God, and then expect everything to change overnight. … You’ve just got to do the hard yards of walking with Jesus. …growing fruit takes time and flourishing takes work.” (page124, Chapter 8)

“Before a tree is a tree, it is an acorn. An entire building springs out of a simple blueprint. World-changing inventions leap off of sketches hastily scribbled on napkins. Victory comes to those who can see past the seed. Harvests look nothing like the kernel that produced them.” (page 186, Conclusion)

Reminder to Work Hard at Marriage: “Marriages are like saving accounts: they have only what you put there through sacrifice over time, but the more you invest and the more patient you are, the more it will pay off.” (page 151, Chapter 10)

Reminder to Remember that Heaven is Our True Home: “Your treasure is not in this life but in the next. You are just passing through, waiting for a city whose builder is God, a kingdom that can’t be shaken. There’s no stronger motivation than anticipation.” (page 193, Conclusion)

Thankful for the work God does in a life and for their willingness to do the hard work of putting words and thoughts together to encourage and challenge others. Happy Reading!