Bob Goff!!

Last night we attended a fundraiser event for With Open Eyes, a ministry that helps advance the gospel by supplying motor bikes for pastors in Africa and India, as well as providing Biblical training for the pastors. It was an amazing evening hearing from Simon and Agnes who live in Africa and help lead many other pastors.


We got dressed up, which is a rare occasion for us five.


A highlight of the evening was listening to Bob Goff speak. What a unique person he is! He challenged us with a few thoughts. 1-What do you want?, 2- Are you willing to do what it takes to get it?, and 3-Can you use what you already have?


{This is how he takes most photos with people. He told us to throw out the prom pictures and throw up your hands and smile! I love that.}

I was challenged and encouraged to keep wrestling around with the desires of my heart. Keep asking God to purify them and set them apart with great clarity and direction, and to keep stirring my heart to obedience. I often mistrust the things I really want…and rightfully so. I have wanted lots of different things over the course of my life that God did not intend for me. As Jen Pollock Michel says in regards to our desires, “…we aren’t easily satisfied by what God gives. We don’t easily surrender to God’s authority, and we are hell-bent on making a name for ourselves.” We tend to want life on our own terms. The truth of that reality in my life makes me pause long and hard when dreams are stirring in my soul. I want to go after God’s plans and purposes for me, I really do!! And yet I feel the weight of my own neediness and lacking, which makes me doubt that I can ever articulate to the God of heaven what I want. But I am resolved to keep seeking Him on the matters of my heart. God isn’t in a hurry. He is faithful and kind and patient. And He promises to finish the work He started in me! That is an amazing truth.


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