We got our kitchen painted this past week, and I am so happy with how much brighter and cleaner it looks!





BEFORE                                                         AFTER

IMG_8016 2

IMG_8009 2



I’m super happy with how it looks now. And I think Mack and Rolo like the new rug.

Rolo had surgery last Wednesday for her spay. She has been doing so well! We’ve taken good care of her and made sure she got lots of rest. Four days later, and I’d say she has pretty much gotten back to normal. We won’t be taking her on long walks any time soon, but she is back to her playful-self.  We resorted to buying a onsie from the baby section at Target because we wanted to cover up her incision so she wouldn’t mess with it. And that  cone of shame was not working for any of us! Can’t the vet get a little more creative??? That thing is terrible.


Sweet Rolo.

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