Heading Home!

We got up on Saturday morning, did some packing, counted towels and sheets that we had to return, threw out old food and deflated our pool floats. And then we hit the road for home! We decided to stop for Waffle House along the way.

We also went to the new Publix that opened while we were gone. We were out of groceries, and I was super-excited about seeing the new store. It did not disappoint.

And then we got to go pick up our sweet little Rolo from her Social Pet Daycare and Hotel. We missed her terribly!! She was so happy to see us and has loved being home. They said she did great while she was there. Played and ate and had a spa day!


We are all happy to be back under one roof together! It was one of the best vacations I can remember. Thankful for the time with family that we don’t see very much. Thankful for time with friends that feel like family. And so thankful for all of the sunshine and beach time we had. Just so thankful.

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