Family Photos

We haven’t had a family photo professionally taken in a couple of years. I decided to schedule them for October 28th at 4:30.  Little did I know that this would be in the middle of a football game–University of Georgia vs Florida.  Evidently, this was a big deal to Mack.  I sent this text to Josh:


I mean, not that Josh would be that upset or anything, but he might have been slightly annoyed. And Mack let me know that “No matter how Dad responds, I’m gonna be mad about it.”

Ok, then.

The photographer, not realizing the debacle I had found myself in, happened to email and say that Sunday afternoon (yesterday) was open for her.  She hoped we could work it out to take photos on Sunday instead of waiting until Saturday since the weather was so great. Talk about a relief! I told her I thought we could work it out. ha! And we did. Thankfully, I was prepared with everyone’s outfits and we could be ready! Needless to say, the guys cooperated beautifully. All smiles.  No complaining.  They knew full well what disaster has been averted.

I can’t wait to share some family photos soon. Before we went, I snapped this one of the kiddos to get their smile warmed up.


And this one was after they were all over and we were waiting on some grub:


MOLLY: “Why are you taking more pictures??? We are done.”

We told the kids (mainly the girls) that I would be picking their clothes and doing their hair and fixing any makeup that they would wear.  These were our (parents) pictures that we were paying for, and I wanted them to be good. Sounds mean, doesn’t it? Well, they were all happy (enough) with their clothes. And they both fought me some on their hair, but I stood my ground. I’ve lived with these curls for over forty years, and I think my experience with them trumps their preferences. The curl fairies were on our side, as all three of our curls cooperated….may not sound like a big deal, but trust me, it is.  Lots of people think it is “wash and go” with curls.  Many days it is, but that doesn’t mean it looks good! So between redeeming next Saturday’s football game and winning in the hair department for family photos, we were all happy when they were over.

So, I close with Mack’s “lucky UGA pumpkin” that he sets in a prominent place each Saturday as he cheers on The Dawgs.


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