I don’t read one-on-one with the girls every week, but I always love when I do.  Something about reading a book together is just so perfect.  Mack and I read together almost every day.  And we are all reading a biography on Paul Brand at lunch time.  I read our History out loud about four times a week.  I read from our Bible book every morning. I have to wonder if these kids get tired of hearing my voice because between reading to them and just generally directing their day with what is next on the to-do list or what chores they need to do, it can be a lot of words coming from my mouth.

So today I made sure that I would have time with each of them in my bed, reading or listening to them read. The kids like to be in my bed. Plus, it gave me an excuse to not make my bed today! The books they are reading these days are good ones! I am particularly enjoying The Hobbit. Mack gives me constant commentary on what was in the movie and what wasn’t. I have to tell him that the book came first and is the right way.  Debbie/Gran would be appalled that Josh let Mack watch the movies before reading the book.

So, I am thankful for this day of school work….of reading…of bonding…of making progress in our studies.

Happy Reading to you!


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