Plugging Along

Dorminy Academy of Higher Learning (ha!) is plugging along. I think we are in week 7 of school, and I am enjoying our days.  It is not a strict schedule, but more of a loose routine. Got to stay flexible!!

My favorite part of this year so far is our morning time. I get up before the kids and enjoy coffee and time in God’s Word, leaning in to Him for help and guidance.  Then, I start waking up the kiddos so that we can all be at the breakfast table some time between 8:30 and 9:00.  They like plenty of time to wake up and make their beds, brush their teeth and get ready for the day.  We start with Bible (using 30 Days to Understanding the Bible…though we are taking more than 30 days!). Today, after reading about Paul’s epistles and trying to memorize the main theme of each book, we went into the living room to watch a video from the Bible Project on Philippians.  Love those videos! After that, we played a game to review what we had learned at the breakfast table.  Then, we watched CNN 10. Ten minutes of news with some discussion.  After news, we jumped into History where we read excerpts from Christopher Columbus’ daily diary as he explored and eventually landed on San Salvador.  We then watched a video on how Columbus treated the Indians he found on the island–quite disturbing.

After our morning time routine, we went upstairs to do Spelling (Phonetic Zoo) and Grammar (FixIt!).

These are quick and easy parts of the day that I love. Power punches in Language Arts that I think are quite valuable!

Next, we switch gears into Math.  Mack and Molly each have a test this morning. Ruby continues her Math with Mr. D and is really enjoying Pre-Algebra! Last year in 8/7 Saxon math, we both had our struggles.  I would get frustrated when she didn’t “get” a concept because then I would have to figure out how to teach it, and I am NOT a math teacher.  I would find youtube videos to help and would ask for Josh’s help if it was an emergency.  We decided to not go on to Algebra 1, but instead to use this year for Pre-Algebra.  I want her to be confident in the concepts before we just move on because “most 8th graders are in Algebra.” Our goal isn’t for Ruby to be like “most 8th graders.” It is to guide her and help her to be the Ruby that God made her to be! And if that means Pre-Algebra in 8th grade, then so be it!

This week we worked more on a writing project about a natural disaster.  We chose Hurricane Maria and how it changed Puerto Rico.  We watched news videos, looked at maps, read some articles and charts together and discussed photographs.  Then, we took notes–making lists of the most important facts. And lastly, they each could do anything they wanted to present the information.  Molly focused on the effects of a power outage. Ruby stated facts and then highlighted some of the relief efforts. Mack created a 3-D image of the flooding of someone’s home.

We bought some pumpkins so that they can draw or paint on them for fun.

The girls practice piano and chorus daily, and I want them to practice typing every day, but it seems to get forgotten a lot.

Mack has been sketching a lot lately.  He also jumps into creative writing quite often, and I love to read his stories…even if they are mostly about football.

I often hear Molly strumming away on her guitar and singing.  Love that.

Our weeks seem to fly by.  Don’t know what or why or how to explain it, but these days seem to go by much faster than the elementary days. Some times, despite the fact that I home school and am under the same roof as my kids most of every day, I wonder if I am spending enough time investing in them. I don’t want our relationship to mostly be telling them what to do next or what math problems to correct.  I want connection with who they are as a person….that is not always as easy as it might seem. It takes intentionality and time.

So let me jump off this laptop and go find one of the children to be with. 🙂 Happy Thursday!

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