If you give a house new shutters…

I was telling my mom about why we were painting our house, and she said it reminded her of that book If You Give A Moose a Muffin. You know, if you give a moose a muffin then he will want some jam to go with it. Then, when he will eat all the muffins and want some more…the moose wants to go to the store and when he steps outside, he realizes he needs a sweater…that’s when he notices the button is loose, so he sews it on and then he is reminded of how his grandma made puppets, and he will want to make some puppets…and on and on and on it goes.

Yeah, that is pretty much how we ended up having our house painted.  It was a very creamy colored painted brick…read: yellow. We didn’t love it, but we were choosing to live with it. One day we got a new front door installed. We thought we should get new shutters to better compliment our front door, so we did. But, the shutter color was ugly with our house.  It made the yellow more yellow. In certain light the shutters even looked reddish. Ick. I couldn’t even see our front door for all the ugliness going on.

Here is before:


BIG SIGH. {And just to be clear, this was the best lighting…in person at most any other time of day it was U-G-L-Y.}

We decided that maybe we should paint the shutters.  But if we were going to hire a painter, why not have him paint the whole house a color we actually liked? Soooo, we did. And here is AFTER:


And now that we have a new door, new shutters and a freshly painted house, it is painfully obvious that we “need” some serious landscaping.

If you give a house a new front door, you’re gonna need new shutters.  And when you see how ugly the shutters are, you’re gonna need a painter.  And when you hire a painter, you’re going to decide to paint the whole house.  Once you paint the whole house, you’re gonna need to install better landscaping….

In short, if you give a house a new front door, you’re gonna need a lot of money. 🙂

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