Dorminy Academy Pre-Planning

Our curriculum has been ordered and delivered for fall 2017 at The Dorminy Academy.  I have spent time cleaning the school room. This week the kids will be tasked with making sure their desks are ready for a new beginning, and we will sign up for our online courses. We may even decorate a binder or two in preparation for our fresh start.  Each kid will need to start their own private blog for posting certain writing assignments—I am hoping this new addition will be a success! And I hope to document our year via this blog. The ups and downs. What worked and what didn’t and even pictures of some of their work.

But before we get going OFFICIALLY, I have spent time praying for God to guide me and help me prepare mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for the new year. Ruby will be in 8th grade. Molly will be in 7th grade, and Mack is in his last year of elementary, 5th grade.  I cannot believe I am starting my 8th year of homeschooling. The Lord has helped me all along the way! I had no idea what I was getting into…and still don’t completely understand how all of this will work out, yet I know that today I am called to home school.

The Lord led me to 2 Corinthians 12:15 as a foundational verse for this year: “I will most gladly spend and be expended for your souls.” Just as Paul loved the Corinthians and met them with love even when he was met with judgment and criticism, I want to do the same with my kids.  They don’t usually face their work day with the greatest attitude or with excitement for grammar and math, but I have to be the mature one.  The one that shows perseverance and determination and grit. I realize that I am doing more than just teaching how to solve algebraic equations or spelling.  I am also tasked with caring for their souls.  And gladly!  That’s the kicker.

Which leads me to a few words that I hope will mark our school year:  


Oh, how I hope joy will be a huge part of our days this year.  And humility is so critical in working well together day in and day out….counting others as more important than yourself. To honor others by doing things for them without complaining or griping.  There’s a lot of  “Can you grab my science binder for me?” and “Would you mind sharpening my pencil?” and even, “Would you go start lunch while we finish our grammar?” Joy, Humility and Honor…praying they fill our days!

Then, I have three statements that rose to the surface in my time with The Lord:

BE PRESENT: No social media. Keep phone in downstairs office. Hugs, eye contact, smiles and HELP them!

BE PRAYERFUL:  I heard Jim Cymbala preach a simple, yet profound sermon on prayer from John 2. Invite Jesus into everything. Tell Him your need. Obey what He tells you. Expect great things.

BE PURPOSEFUL: We have a rhythm to our day that should keep us moving towards our goals (Bible and Breakfast, Math, Reading, Writing, Geography, History on MWF, Science on T/Th,, phonetic zoo, grammar FixIT!, piano and chorus, personal Bible reading, and doggy 101 starts mid-October), No screens Monday-Thursday!


So, a great plan is laid out. Pencils are sharpened and curriculum is upstairs just waiting for us to dig in! I will continue to pray that all of our hearts will be just as prepared to walk this plan out by the grace of God.

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