I’ve recommended Keeping Place by Jen Pollock Michel before, and I can’t tell you how good of a book it is.  Just read it! But the other morning I awoke to plenty to do– much like everyone else in the world. My sheets needed washing, my clothes stacked on the ironing board needed to be put away, my dishwasher needed to be unloaded, and trash needed to be taken out.

And get this--all of that needed to happen BEFORE my sweet housekeeper arrived. Mack is always sure to let me know that he does not understand why in the world we have so much cleaning to do before the cleaning lady gets here.

“Straightening, Mack. We’re straightening, so she can clean.”

That explanation falls flat.

But it is true! Even if you have a cleaning service twice a month, there’s still plenty of housekeeping going on.

And I was feeling it this morning, so this quote by Jen Pollock Michel greatly encouraged me in my housekeeping. She takes us to a sad day in the life of those who loved Jesus so much.


While housekeeping is anything but fun and glamorous, it can be a “means for seeing Jesus.” I need The Lord to give me eyes to see Him in the daily, often repetitive, tasks I have been assigned. I need The Lord to give me His joy and strength and wisdom as I love my family and others through menial tasks that no one will know I ever did. Keeping house is a big deal. It takes time and great effort to keep things running smoothly in a home! And if I discount all of housekeeping as just tasks I need to check off, then I may miss Jesus in the middle of it all.

Here’s another quote from Keeping Place:

“Housekeeping points toward the thin places of daily life: where work, however monotonous and menial, becomes worship, witnessing to God’s kingdom coming and His will being done, on earth as it is in heaven.  In this sense, the effort to pour cereal and rinse one’ s bowl (even the bowl of one’s neighbor) can be a spiritual practice, preparing us for greater exertion, more heroic love……Doing the dishes is private practice with very public effects.”

House keeping actually encourages heart keeping if we let it.

Now, let me go switch that laundry and start dinner and check the mail and…..check my heart.  Happy HouseKeeping!

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