A Trip to Town Creek Farms

Today we did math and then waited for Josh to get home so we could take a little ride up to a farm.  We were interested in buying part of a cow and having some different cuts of beef from a local farm.  Sure enough, these guys seem to have a great little business going, and they were super nice to show us all around.

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First off, this is Max.  He is the bull that has lots of lady friends.  Looks like a tough dude.

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This was Daisy.  She wasn’t sure about us at first, which I can appreciate.  She probably knows how this whole deal goes by now.


And this, well, this is Limo.  He (technically half of him) will be what’s for dinner around the Dorminy house for a while.  I know, seems so strange, but it’s called life.

Death, actually.

He took time to tell us all about the process and answer all of Josh’s questions.


Anyway, we also saw lots of other steers, heifers and cows.  The pregnant ones had a special place in my heart.  They were large and standing in the wet, mucky mud and out in the cold windy weather.  I especially felt bad for the lady cow that, as our new friend told us, had her baby with the help of a rachet and a jack.

Ouch.  I wanted to give her a hug.  Well, I actually wanted to fall over and cry out in pain for her and tell him to stop telling the story about her breech birth.  But in all seriousness, she needed the help and they said they were within an hour of losing both of them if they didn’t help her deliver.

He took us to see their dogs that usually stay up most of each night to protect the chickens and goats from coyotes and other animals.  They say the dogs would kill a coyote if they had to.  They also said that the dogs eat the afterbirth of the goats and lick the baby goat (kid) clean.  Smell is what draws a predator, so they make sure that there is no scent for them to follow.  Ick.  And neat. All at the same time.


We were trying to take a picture of old blue eyes in the background and got a nice greeting from this pretty dog.

Here is the barn we went into to see the goats that were born just yesterday!


They were soooo cute.




These men were so kind and knowledgable; we appreciate that they took the time to show us around their farm.  It’s their retirement gig.  One retired from 30 years in the air force (far left) and the other retired from being a CIO of a large corporation (far right) and seemed to travel around the world.  He said once retiring he was going to not cut his hair or shave for a year.  It’s been 8 months so far.


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  1. THIS was awesome…we have talked about buying a cow for beef…love it!! BTW, Daisy should be named Pie Face…I say that b/c I recall a bull at one of ABAC’s many rodeos that was named that…looked like a cream pie was smashed in his/her face 😉 And how cute are those goats????? What a great day trip to the farm!!!!

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