Precious Apology

Not all apologies are heart felt or genuine.

Some of them are.

Sweet Mack and I had a “moment” earlier today.  He was playing around, as he was doing all. day. long.  He threw a puzzle piece across the room and then couldn’t find it.  So after searching and searching, he couldn’t find the puzzle piece.

And what good is a puzzle with a missing puzzle piece???

So this mama overreacted.  I do that sometimes.

{I could insert here all of my excuses about how I am with my kids pretty much all the time, how he is a funny kid that just sometimes doesn’t know when to stop…..but I am not going to do that….because he is too sweet…and I lost my cool.  Totally my fault}

When I finished tucking each kid in bed, I came to my side of the bed and found this:



“when I thru (threw) that puzzl (puzzle) pes (piece)”

Precious child.  I could learn a few things from him.

One thought on “Precious Apology

  1. Awe, how sweet! Is that scribble to the left a picture of you freaking out over the puzzle piece?? Could be your hair flying about while Mack ‘thoru’ that pes? Sweet Macky Boy!!!

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