NYC, day 2

After a good night’s sleep, we were all ready to start our second day in the big city of New York!  A good breakfast was their top priority…


Then, we walked to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes.  Wow!  That was so fun.  It was a great show.


The end of the show is alway the best!  A beautiful nativity scene.



This was the coldest day, but still not bitterly cold by any means.  The food at the diner was delicious!  We were in need of lots of walking, so that is what we did…to Central Park.

The buggy ride was one of our favorite times!  It was beautiful everywhere you looked in Central Park.  And it was nice to not be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of people for a little bit.


The third picture above shows a tall white building;  our carriage driver said Madonna lives in the pent house.




We went shopping around town for a little while…saw the long line to get in Saks Fifth Avenue, the three story American Girl Doll store, and other fun places.





We went to a restaurant for some dessert…Burger Heaven was the name.  And then we decided to walk to Times Square.  Ruby was not a fan.  At all.  She thought it was all ridiculous and wondered why her dad thought it was a good idea to bring his family to this area.

We made our way back to the hotel and the kids went directly to the room where they keep the cookies…lol!


Back in the room we let the kids watch HGTV, which they love but don’t get to see regularly.  And I watched Fox News, which I love but don’t watch regularly.  It was neat to see Megyn Kelley sitting at her news desk with Radio City right behind her.  We were so close!IMG_2839

Day two, a success!


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