New York City, day 1

We had a fabulous few days together as a family in NYC!  This was the first time for the kids to be in this amazing city, and they had a blast.

I am the self-appointed annoying picture-taker.  Many times I am confronted with groans and eyes rolling when I request or command that we take a picture.  HOWEVER, what do they want to do in the evening?  LOOK AT MY PICTURES!  So, they can be annoyed if they want to, but I will continue to take pictures, pictures, pictures. (I may or may not have used this statement….”You never know when one of your family members won’t be here anymore and at that moment every picture is a treasure.”)

So without further ado, here we go….

We had an easy trip to the airport.  The kids were beyond excited about getting on the plane.

And then we landed at LaGuardia, and we spotted Coach Spurrier (actually, Josh spotted him because I would have never recognized him).  I approached him gingerly because I thought he might be gruff and mean and tell me he wouldn’t take a picture with anyone.  He was wearing dark sunglasses and talking on his flip phone.  He rode coach with all us normal people, too.  Interesting. He was super nice and did have about 45 seconds of small talk with Mack and me.  We spotted him a few days later walking the streets of NYC…so we’re basically best of friends at this point.


We made our way in a taxi to our hotel.



We spotted the NYC Chick-fil-A!




Mack wanted to run through every revolving door like Buddy in the movie ELF.

We got settled in and tried to figure out our new selfie stick, of which I never imagined myself purchasing, but it came in handy…except for the many times we didn’t know how exactly to use it, exasperating all of the non-enthusiastic picture takers I was traveling with.

So off we went!

We stopped at Rockefeller Center next.








We continued walking and shopping and decided to find Serendipity 3, one of my favorite spots! We stopped at Central Park for a bit and just looked all around at the sights and lights and people.







spotted this adorable manger scene in a window of a shop


BRIGHT lights in the city!








And that was just our first night in NYC!  This is what the kids thought about it all once we got back to the room…..


So funny!  I must admit, after the second full day my legs were sore!  By the end of our third day, I was glad our trip was over.  I could not have kept up with Josh’s big ‘ol steps through that busy city another second!  But our first day was a total success.  Perfect weather, perfect food and wonderful family time!



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