Thanksgiving 2015

We were in Augusta this year for Thanksgiving with my family, and we had a wonderful visit.  I took a lot of pictures, yet I didn’t snap one of my sisters and me.  boo!  I remembered the day after Thanksgiving when we all felt swollen and tired….so we opted out of a picture…we will keep the memories alive instead!

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Red Velvet Cake, anyone?


Who looks like mom and dad?

The sweetest part of Thanksgiving was a little assignment my mom had the cousins do.  Each cousin wrote why they were thankful for on other cousin that Sweety had assigned to them earlier in the month.  It was sooo sweet.


Here are the “essays.”

There were also crafts to eat…the most fun kind!

We came home on Friday and went straight to Scottsdale Farm to get our wreath for Christmas!  I have always wanted a magnolia wreath.  I love it!  We already had our tree up and decorated and had all of our nativity scenes set up, so coming home was fun and got us in the mood for Christmas.IMG_2539

On Saturday we were able to celebrate Uncle Jason turning 40!


What a great week!  We have one more week of school and then we are OFF!


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