Cool Morning in School!

This morning, after my quiet time, I started a book:

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A good friend recommended it to me, and I loved chapter one.  Simple, but a great help.  And I was excited to share with my kids.  I wrote notes on the chalkboard, and they were copying them on their own and seemed very interested in what we were learning…..Number of books in the Bible, how many in Old Testament, how many in New Testament and how each book is broken down.

THEN, we did Science and moved on to History.  Well, in History, wouldn’t you know that we were reading about the prophet Isaiah!  As I was reading, I got so excited!  The author of our curriculum was sharing how the book of Isaiah mirrors the Bible in how it is set up.

Just like the Bible, there are 66 chapters in Isaiah.  39 of the chapters (number of Old Testament books) are about Law and Covenant and the last 27 chapters of Isaiah (number of New Testament books) are about the coming of Jesus.  Very cool!  I know the divisions are not inerrant, like the actual words of scripture, but this bit of info was interesting, nonetheless.  And a great way to remember what we learned this morning in Bible time!

So I was encouraged this morning when our lessons overlapped like that.  It’s the little things that keep me going during this time of year when we would all rather stay in our pajamas all day and bake cookies and listen to Christmas music or go shopping for gifts!

Three more days until our Winter Break begins!!!!! (But who is counting?)


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