Guy Time, Girl Time and Growing Up!

The guys went into nature to bond….the girls went to Old Navy and Chili’s (and a few other stores) to bond!  The guys seemed to have a great time despite a tiny bit of rain that came in the middle of the night.

IMG_1774 3

Fishing in pajamas…Mack couldn’t be happier.


IMG_1773 3



It took the girls and I a little longer to start special bonding time.  I don’t know what it is exactly, but it may have been the two girls and their vastly different personalities….or maybe how they are starting to enter these magical tween years where they always seem to have a better idea than anything I suggest…or maybe we just didn’t know how to interact without Mack around.  At first I was not looking forward to just the three of us because these two have been bickering about most everything lately.  Whatever it was, we FINALLY started having fun together after about 8 hours.  Just being real.  I may have texted my mom to apologize for all the times I was a B-R-A-T and gave her grief.  Whew.

Ok, back to the fun part.  We went shopping.  They “needed” a few fall items of clothing and a pair of shoes.  They can wear the same size in shirts and dresses and most shoes, so that is good.  They can even wear some of my hoodie jackets, and they are always stealing my socks and wearing my jewelry.

We had good conversation about all sort of girl stuff that we just don’t bring up with little brother around.  He picks up on everything and wants to know what we are talking about.  It was nice to have the girl time.

Saturday we went to Mack’s football game and wasted the afternoon watching Georgia play.

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Mack at Center

Then, we all got up this morning and got ready for church, and I saw Ruby in her new dress and thought, “WHERE DID MY BABY GO????”


I mean, what in the world?  It is kind of crazy watching your little girl start to change into a young lady.  She is still only 11 years old, so I know she is still a little girl in so many ways, but I am just amazed how grown up she can be from time to time!  Ruby spotted this dress at Target when all of our clothes shopping was over, or so I thought.  She said, “Oh, Mama, this dress is so pretty and is just the style I like!”  And it was true.  We have started to have a hard time finding cute, modest, grown up, but not too grown up clothes for Ruby.  I am so thankful she wants clothes that are long enough or not cut too low here and there….so I bought her this cute little dress.  And now I don’t know if I should have because she looks so much older in it…..just kidding.  I am glad I bought it for her.  She is such a sweety.

And then I wanted some more pictures of and with the kids this morning.  We don’t always leave the house with everyone clean and presentable….these are picture-worthy moments.


Ruby (11), Molly (10), Mack (8)


IMG_1842After the picture taking of the girls, Mack was feeling like he needed a picture with mom and dad!

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We all enjoyed the days apart, bonding with just the guys and just the girls, but we are happiest when we are all together!  I love my family.  And I joke about how I wish the kids would slow down with this growing-up business, but the truth is—they will keep on growing up, Lord-willing, and we will be thankful to be a part of each season of their lives.  And then one day, we will turn around and realize it’s back to just the two of us!

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And we will be thankful for that season as well!

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  1. Wow, Ruby is so grown up…pretty and sweet…great combination 🙂 Btw, what’s up with the hammer on the table next to Ruby? Is that something Josh told her to carry around to knock the boys in the head??? heehee!

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