A little catching up

We have had a great August so far…so many fun things going on that I can hardly keep up!  Let me see if I can take a few minutes to be sure and get some pictures posted with some commentary on life around here.

First of all, Timothy Ministry started August 11th.  The kids are each taking Language Arts, which is helping me immensely.  I oversee the assignments and listen to Mack read, give grammar insight, etc, but the main direction comes from another teacher.  That leaves Bible, History, Science and Math on my plate.  And that is a gracious plenty!


Mack was having a discussion with Josh about why his shoes were STILL not on when it was time to walk out the door.


One afternoon we got a call from one of our favorite girls in all the world–HOPE.  She is such a bright spot in this world.  My girls adore her.  They went on an impromptu tea date with her and her mom and sister.  So fun!






And yesterday was Molly’s birthday.  We took her to the mall to get her ears pierced.  10 is the magic number around here for being able to get your ears pierced…if you’re a girl.  For Mack, it’s probably going to be the age he gets a shotgun or a knife or something…I don’t know.  But Molly wasn’t exactly thrilled.  I mean, she wanted to get her ears pierced AND at exactly the same time, she didn’t want to get her ears pierced.  A dilemma for sure.



But she did it!  And she was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t hurt.

We got her apple pie, as opposed to birthday cake.  She doesn’t like icing.  Weird kid.


She woke up that morning to streamers on the door because that is just what we do.


At the mall we also let her pick out some clothes and a pair of cute boots.  She then opened some gifts at The Cheesecake Factory.  All of the kids liked that choice!


IMG_1225IMG_1224As we were leaving….like, walking through the restaurant, I notice Mack was holding his belt.  He told Josh he just had to take it off after all he ate!  Oh my!  If we all could be that comfortable with our gluttony.


Our last stop before home was the book store.  We found a series Molly likes, so we are milking it.  It can be like pulling teeth to get her to read.




And last, but definitely not least, is the newest Dorminy.  We haven’t met our new little nephew yet because he was adopted and they can’t come home until this weekend…but we will be going over to see him and hold him.  I will post more pictures later!  But here is one of PawPaw very proudly showing us the little cutie.


FaceTime is a wonderful thing!

So, I think that sort of catches us up on a few things we’ve been doing lately….I will spare you of more home schooling pictures….math, math and more math….reading, reading and more reading….It’s going really well though!

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