Double Digits for Molly-Moodle

My little Molly in the Middle is turning 10 today.  This little girl who surprised me with a positive pregnancy test when Ruby was only 5 months old.  Wowza.  This little squishy baby who would only sleep on her belly and seemed to have me in her room 6 times a night for the first few weeks.  I don’t think it actually was that many times, but with a one year old and a newborn, I lived in constant exhaustion…from what I remember.  This little girl who got up out of her bed every. single. night.  Even when she got popped for her disobedience.  She would cry and then get up again the next night and sneak down the stairs.  Many times this little girl snuck out of bed and got into my make-up or into hiney-cream!

DSC_0001 22

DSC_0002 126

She used to follow me around all day long saying, “Hold me.  Hold me, Mama.”  She never got irate about it when I couldn’t drop what I was doing to hold her.  She just stood right beside me saying that little phrase over and over and over again in a monotone voice.  She is the most persistent child.  “Hold me.  Hold me, Mama.”

She has always been so patient with Mack…these two are a mess…

DSC_0013 121

DSC_0006 3

DSC_0014 45

She was only four in the above picture.  Going to school on her birthday…just like today!

DSC_0002 46

She has always loved babies.

DSC_0012 29

She has always loved fixing hair.

Molly, We love you and love how God made you.  We are so excited to celebrate YOU turning 10 years old today!  You make us smile.



Maybe we will stop at Bahama Bucks some time today…it is your latest addiction!


2 thoughts on “Double Digits for Molly-Moodle

  1. Molly, don’t faint and fall in it!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it’s me and I do read all of ya’ll’s history making episodes. Glad I’ve been there for many of them! :_))))) We’ll go to your old favorite, the Dollar Store when I come up. I can’t wait!!!! Love you. little Paw Paw

    1. Hey pawpaw. This is molly. I don’t like the dollar store!!!!!!😤😤😤😤
      Type me back when you get a chance!!!

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