“Awards” Ceremony

This time of the year many are posting their kids on awards day.  It’s quite sweet, but my kids needed some explanation of what an Awards Day was; we’re home schooling, so they don’t experience some of the traditional things that go along with school. 

However, I had an impromptu “awards ceremony,” and I told their dad how great each of them are! I called them up individually to the middle of the living room. 

I announced each child as, “my star ___ grade student.” They all received perfect attendance and were Honor Roll students (forget the fact that we don’t grade anything).  Ruby excelled in reading. Molly excelled in sewing.  Mack excelled in imagination/costume design/inventing things out of tape and boxes. 

And it’s only appropriate that the “ceremony” was with kids in their pajamas!  I suppose it also doesn’t matter that we aren’t really finished with school either. Lol!  


Oh, happy home school days!😄

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