Mid-May Madness

True to every other May, the calendar has been full. Travels, celebrations, more travel, trying to wrap up school work, and on and on. 

This summer I’m leading a Bible Study called BREATHE by Priscilla Shirer. I cannot wait to dive in with other ladies from church. We will take a look at margins in our lives. I can already tell that the Lord has been preparing me for this time. Margins. Rest. Priorities. Saying No so I can say Yes to what is important. Owning my time, under the Lord’s leadership alone. 

It’s going to be goooood. 

So before summer officially begins, let me share some pictures from around here(And around the world)!





I wish I could show you my favorite picture…but I’m not sure about the rules…..I met some amazing people with amazing stories. Most of the people I met have been in jail for their faith. Many are now refugees; they all are active in the church and their faith is inspiring. 



These pictures are from Hagai Sophia, a museum in Istanbul. It used to be a church in the Byzantine period and then became a mosque when Muslims came in and conquered this land.  In addition to taking down crosses, they plastered over mosaics of Jesus. The plaster is coming down and revealing the christian mosaics. The building is now a museum. Inside, you can spot the crosses that have been changed or altered. The cross is offensive and represents the central truth of Christianity…that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world and was buried and rose again.  It sets Christianity apart from every other religion of the world. While so many are working their way to God through good works or weighing their good against their bad to secure their eternity, God came down to us as Jesus. Fully God, fully human. He met us where we live!  He did the work. We simply must believe and place our trust in Him alone. 


Above you can see where they took off the top part of these crosses.

Below is a picture of a large door at the entrance of the museum. You can see where the horizontal part of the cross was taken down. 

I Corinthians 1:18 “For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are saved it is the power of God.”


We came home exhausted and jet lagged, but thrilled to be back with the kids. Molly had a fall while we were gone and ended up breaking her arm. 

She didn’t get a cast though…the break is up high on her right arm and this brace does the trick. After tears of disappointment, Molly was atleast happy that she had never seen anyone with a brace quite like this one. Molly has waited for a broken arm for a while. She was hoping she could have a cast; I was so happy that she could take this brace off for showers and stuff!  It’s going to be a long six weeks, but nothing like if she was in a cast!!

Ice cream always helps. 

And then today we tried out the small pool in our neighborhood. 

  Thankful for summer! Thankful for my kids! Thankful for the brace instead of a cast! Thankful that we are in our last days of school work!  Thankful that Josh comes home today from his last bit of travel for the summer…I think. 😊

So that sums up our May so far. Ruby has a birthday coming up, so that is next on our calendar. Fun times! 

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