Yard Sale on the Blog

I hardly ever sell my stuff.  Josh and I don’t like clutter, so we are more apt to give it away than take the time to sell it. Plus, we have been given quite a few things, and we know what a blessing it is to give. HOWEVER, I have been organizing my list for curriculum needs this fall, and I just have to say that BOY OH BOY does it start adding up. Cha-Ching!$!$!

So, on this Friday when I am home alone (gasp!), I have been de-cluttering, and wouldn’t you know, I’ve found some decent items that I am going to try and sell. 

Take a look and private message me on facebook or call me if you have my number if you see something you could use. 

First up, a dollhouse that sits all alone at my house. Ruby has another one she plays with more. 


Next, a basket full of puzzles! 


Do any of your little girls like to play dress up?  Basket of a few outfits:


Any American Girl doll fans?


And one of my favorites, felt boards to create different scenes with: 


 These are boards and pattern blocks:




I used these baskets in all three of my kids’ nurseries:

UPDATE: Josh says these  are priced too high. So the new price is  $40 for the pair!



And since my kids all sleep in the same room, we don’t use this Pottery Barn, Queen size duvet. It’s really pretty, especially when it is ironed!  

NEW PRICE: $60 for duvet, sham and bed skirt  

These are both twin sized Pottery Barn bed skirts, and I’m asking $10 each:



So there you have it. Either some people will buy this stuff or you will see it again at a Goodwill near you! 😉 Or if you know someone who really needs any of this stuff and can’t pay for it, just let me know.  

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