Happy Easter in Augusta!

We spent the weekend with my family for Easter in Augusta and had a great time just hanging out together. 

How about some pictures?


Sweety with all of the grandkids (Ruby-10, Molly-9, Jud- 9, Vance- 8, Mack-8, Kaybeth- 7, Renn-6)!!







 Molly is only 9, but she seems more like 13 to me!  She was brave and took a dip in the pool. 


 Mack was not going to miss a chance to swim either!


 Josh seized an opportunity to fish.  Looks like fun!


Then, it was time to hunt eggs.










 Vance found the most eggs, so he got a cash prize. 


 My sisters and me with all of our kids. 



Cacy with Jud and Kaybeth


Marcy with Vance and Rennison 


My sweet family😍


Now time for dyeing eggs!



 Happy Easter morning!  We went to church to celebrate our Savior who is alive!  We were at West Acres Baptist with my family and really enjoyed being there. 




 Crazy boy. 






 This is my Kindergarten teacher!  She is in the same Sunday School class as my parents.  I first met her when I was 5 years old and she was about 24, I think. She helped teach me to read and write!!  Such great memories from 33 years ago!  She looks incredible!  Her name is Ginger, but she’ll always be Mrs. Richardson to me!!

I thoroughly enjoyed our time in Augusta. I especially enjoyed watching Josh talk about places we visited in Israel and how those places that we hear about in the Bible are really there!  The kids listened so well!



Thankful for some time with family. Hope everyone had a great Easter celebrating The One who matters most, Jesus!

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  1. Great pictures! We had a fun time…so glad we got to hang out for a bit. And I like the new blog layout 🙂 Love you!!

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